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Thursday, April 26, 2018


Water, H-2-0 one of the essential elements for life. A magical substance, of
liquid, solid and gas or vapors. As human beings we can not live on this planet
with out it, every drop of water that was here from the being, is still here, it just  
keeps recycles itself. But that brings up an age old question, how did all this
water get here.

Well the scientific community thinks all the water got here from comets and
asteroids, which carried the water here from outer space and crashed onto the
earth for over a million years. Well Ok, that's their opinion, which I do not share.
I have sailed the Pacific Ocean from California to Japan to Hong Kong to
off the coast of Vietnam, and back to California and from North Carolina to
Puerto Rico and back to North Carolina. And I've got to tell you, that's an
enormous amount of water out there.

And to think that all that water came from giant water balloons disguised as
comets and asteroids from outer space, well I don't buy it. And I'm sure they
didn't either, they needed a theory, and this is the best they could came up with.
Instead of racking their brains on how the water got here, they could have just
read the book on how everything got here. In chapter one it states.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was
formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of
God was hovering over the waters.

So if your still wondering how all the water got here, try reading Genesis.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wonders Of The Night

As the light of day slowly slips into the blackness of night, and the
night sky lights up with a billion stars. I wonder just how many
of us have gazed upon the night sky in years, as the lights of the cities
and towns in our modern society have blocked out Gods magnificent
window on creation.
How many of us, at times in our lives haven't lie down on the grass on a
cloudless and moonless night and imagined the wonders of an endless
sky stretched out before us.
I believe that there are children who live in big cities who may have never
seen the stars in the night sky.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

They Don't Fit

I am not a clothing designer or a clothing aficionado, but for many years
now I've noticed something that really brothers me about an article of
clothing we all wear. And the clothing is pants, yea men's and woman's
pants. Many years ago pants would come up to your waist, yea, yea I
know what your thinking, how old fashion. But people who design pants
for many years have designed pants that are called hip huggers or short
wasted or low wasted. So for years I have noticed men and woman 
sticking there thumbs in there pants waist bands just behind there hips
and doing the little hip dance pulling up there pants 10 or 20 times a day,
its a good thing we all have thumbs. Well you know styles seem to repeat
themselves after decades pass by, like bell bottom pants that came out in
the 1920 s and the 1960 s, so there should be a chance for longer wasted
pants to make a come back from the 1940 s and 1950 s. And lets remember,
the less material means more money for the manufacturer. Besides I'm 
getting tired of pulling up my pants. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Being In Debt

Being in debt is not a ideal place to be in your life, it's depressing
and discouraging and could be bad for your health. For the
most part debt is a condition we bring upon ourselves, we have wants
and needs, but we should be concentrating on our needs and not our
wants. Needs are things you have to have to survive in today's world,
the necessities. Wants are the things that got you in debt in the first 
place, there nice to have but unnecessary. These are all the things that
fill up the closets of your life with things you thought you just had to 
have at the time, and today your still paying for them at high interest 

I can tell you this, not being in debt is a great place to be, if you stay out
of any new debt, by learning the lessons from your past. You will be
surprised at how much more money you have in your pocket no matter
how much money you make. You'll find you have more money to spend
more money to save and more money to give, a life with less stress and
less worry.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Plan Or No Plan

Have you ever sat down in a quite place with know distraction's, just you and your
thoughts, wondering how you got to this spot in your life. Was it all planned out, was
it all scripted, did we have any say in this life we called our own.
One thing I know for sure, we all have this thing called free will, and because we all
have free will, I'm not entirely convinced that every step in life is planned out.
There are times in life when many of your decisions, good or bad moved you along
to where you are today. Then there are those decisions you had no say in, and
these decisions would also bring you to where you are today. Then there are those
people who come into your life, and stayed for a long or short period of time, then
moved on, disappear, fade from your life, but gave you a push in the direction
where you are now.
Like I said I don't think life is planned out from birth to death, but there are certain 
times in your life when you have to wonder, just maybe, just maybe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Worlds Greatest Artist

He was, in the eyes of many, and still is the worlds greatest artist. He's an expert in
the worlds creative arts and design disciplines. His work has been seen by the whole
world, yet not everyone excepts who he is, or knows his name.

He started this project  with nothing, you might say his work started on a blank canvas,
and the canvas was void of shape or form, until he add light and shadow.Then he
painted in solids and liquids, landscapes and seascapes and animals all types and
descriptions, some walked on land, some swam in the seas, while others flew in the air.
Then he stepped back and looked at his work, and saw it was good.

And now he would embark on a design, the most difficult part of his creation, for
everything that was done before was for this part of his creation to flourish. he would
design and create the human form in his own image, and he would give them all the
gift of freewill, to except or reject life everlasting.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Golden Years

I don't no what triggered this picture in my head, it could have been a video of two kids
dancing on You Tube and put on Facebook, the kids were about 10 or 11 years old
and really great dancers. It brought back memories from the distant past, when we were
young. Lets take a trip down memory lane, back to the golden years of the 50s, when
we were teenagers, back to a place you'll remember. Come-on along as we go back
in our memories to a place stored deep in our minds.

The place is your local high school gym and the occasion is a high school dance the
dances were called sock-hops, hops or record hops, or whatever they were called it in
your part of the country. Some were informal affairs while others were more formal,
Jackets and ties, skirts and dresses

So let me set he scene, were in the school gym we have a band five people from the
school orchestra, or a bunch of kids from outside the school who formed a band, but
more then likely we had a DJ and records. The gym had some decorations the music
was playing and it was time to dance, well not quite, All the boys were on one side of
the gym, kind of mingling around talking with each other and every so often
surveying the other side of the gym where all the girls are. The girls on there side
talking in groups about the boys on the other side, on the peripheral edges were the
chaperon two teachers and some parents watching out for those raging hormones.

Then one guy who was a really good dancer would walk across the gym to a girl who
was also a good dancer, and so the ice was broken as others joined them on the dance
floor, yet there is still some who are shy and sit on the sidelines we'll just call them wall
flowers for lack of a word. But even they could join in when they played The Stroll,
the Stroll was a song and a dance, kind of a 1950s version of a line dance. Then there
was the jigger bug which I was not really good at, and of course there was the waltz,
which I was fairly good at. You could tell the couples who were going steady from
those just dancing a waltz, they were the one that were glued together as they moved
across the floor. And with the playing of "Good Night Sweet Heart" the dance ended.

And so the decade of the fifty's ended as we entered the sixty's. And as a student of
history I see something I never saw before, Many of our parents were teenagers in the
30s and probably had dances just like the ones we had in the 50s two years after there
decade ended on Dec 7,1941 they were at war. And four years after our decade ended
in 1964 was Vietnam, and in a strange way we might have had more in-common with
our parents then we had once thought.